Hydroponics Surinam

A quite successful local company, B4Agro&FoodSystems, part of B4Concepts Management & Advies N.V. (www.b4concepts.com), in Wanica has specialized in providing trainings in a system developed by the themselves: Hybrid Hydroponics. Many trainings have been provided by this company to startup farmers and it functions both as a training and a resource center. This is a leading company in Surinam in expertise on horticulture and especially hydroponics.

From their website: “After 4 years of intensive Research & Development we succeeded to develop a system on which we can grow corps on water without a pump and even without a greenhouse. We launched our concept in 2015 and since of date we tested more than 100 different crops on our systems and had the privilege of conducting more than 110 projects with education and installation.”

B4Agro&FoodSystems has a broad spectrum of possible internships on technical, organizational, agricultural, economical, logistical supply chain, marketing and sales. Hereby some examples by means of keywords:

A. Diverse issues:
pH Stabilization
Local materials
Internet of Things

B. Make an inventory of
Plug & Play
Raspberry Pi
Management information system
Wi-Fi + Mobile provider costs

C. Daily measurement in:
Outdoor temperature min/max
Temperature fertilizing water min/max
Wind power/air pressure
pH pumped up water
EC/TDS pumped up water
EC/TDS Fertilizing water
Light intensity

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