Holl. Greentech 12 countries

Holland Greentech (https://hollandgreentech.com/) provides consultancy and training to commercial horticultural farmers in a number of African countries. It has 12 offices in the following countries: Rwanda Uganda Kenya Tanzania Burundi Zambia Zimbabwe, Ghana, Benin Burkina, Senegal, Niger and in total more than hundred employees. Placement in all countries is possible except Niger and Burkina. Holland Greentech provides materials and technology from leading Dutch companies and provides training tailored to the level of farming that has been achieved.

During their assignment, students can contribute at HGT to topic 1 and 2, mentioned below. For internships, students can be as well based in the Netherlands, as in one of the African countries.

1) Development Standard Operation Procedures to improve the running business

To further improve the operation, the office in the Netherlands, in cooperation with local HGT offices will develop Standard Operation Procedures for

  • Import and Stock management (seeds, irrigation, greenhouses)
  • Finance
  • Sales
    .. seeds
    .. irrigation
    .. greenhouses
  • Training of Farmers
  • Social-media communication
  • Management HGT offices

HGT has whats app groups, communities of best practices, for:

  • Import and Stock management
  • Finance and Administration
  • Sales of Irrigation
  • Sales of Greenhouses
  • Sales of Seeds
  • Training farmers
  • Communication
  • Management
    HGT employees of different countries are member of these groups mentioned above

2) Development of new HGT products and services

HGT currently sells: Seeds, Irrigation, Greenhouses (incl peatmoss trays measurement-tools) and Consultancy

  • Guideline to produce and sell compost to grow the vegetables
  • Production of Compost, using locally available waste products
  • Manure
  • Analysing soil
  • Adding specific fertilizers
  • Development of business plan to add seedlings to products of HGT
  • Analysing the business case to add solar pumps to the products of HGT, including the identifying of most suitable solar suppliers for HGT.