Horticulture and ICT

Strategic use of data-informed horticulture – ImpactCluster Greenport Morocco

Thanks to the affordability of sensor technology on a large-scale, this technology is becoming available for African countries as well. University IAV Hassan II in Agadir as partner within the ImpactCluster Greenport Morocco is experimenting with greenhouses and sensors combined with a mix of other technologies.

The students will be located in Agadir and the involved in several ongoing experiments. On the other hand the students will be involved in market research as well in order to find the right product-market fit for the technological options studied.

The issues to be studied with the sensor technology are the following:

  1. Which combination of sensors and data are the most efficient ones?
  2. How can different crops be followed in their growth path efficiently?
  3. How can internal data be combined with external data (weather, climate, diseases)?
  4. How can the data be presented efficiently to operators (interface)?

The issues to be studied by the combination with market research are the following:

  1. What is the availability of different crops from open field cultivation?
  2. What is the right product market fit in each seasons and which “gaps” can be filled by covered cultivation?
  3. What is the contribution of data-informed horticulture to create continuous high quality outflow of vegetable products?

The deliverable of this internship is to be agreed upon during the preparation of the project plan for the internship.

Open for many study backgrounds, especially computer science, mechanical engineering, entrepreneurship, electronics.