Website/Platform – Netherlands

A number of the internships offered at this website are conducted in close cooperation between Planetary Service and Seed2Feed ( Seed2Feed is a small scale development organization supporting the development of protected vegetable cultivation in the Global South with a focus on sub-Sahara Africa. Seed2Feed connects local and Dutch enterprises in the horticulture value chain with governments, knowledge institutions and NGO’s to exchange knowledge, to support business development and to promote international cooperation and exchange. Initiator of Seed2Feed is Frans de Jong who has a background in international banking for agriculture at Rabobank.

Both Seed2Feed and Planetary Service want to extend their website services. Both design and content of the websites need innovation and broadening of the scope. The websites should make available relevant information on the following issues:

  1. Important partner companies in the network
  2. Information relevant to horticulture in developing countries on different levels of scale and with links to relevant information resources available on the internet
  3. Information on apps relevant for horticulture in developing countries. Increasingly apps for market information, weather information, plant treatment and diseases are on the market.
  4. The design of the website should make information on a diversity of subjects easily accessible to students and educational institutions in the Netherlands and also to farmers and organizations in the Global South.
  5. Research is required on the development of an app that functions as a resource and exchange medium for farmers who operate on different levels and specializations, who have questions to ask and are looking for information.
  6. The information on these websites (Seed2Feed and Planetary Service) needs to be linked to a broad range of Dutch educational and entrepreneurial institutions as well as African partners.

For this internship it is not a requirement to go abroad. Most of the work can be executed based in the Netherlands.